Planning for Healthy Baby: 5 Must Have Products

As new mothers we often find ourselves going down a research rabbit hole while we wait on our new baby's arrival.  We often fill our registry's up with things we don't even end up using. We are starting out our blog with five things that we think every new mother should have (that they might not know they need):

  1. Manual Breast pump - These silicone manual breast pump aren't exactly for using as your main breast pump, but to use while feeding your baby. If you have a great supply and are feeding your baby, the breast you are not using will likely leak. It will likely leak a lot - enough to fill up one of these bad boys and save for future use. 

  2. Bamboo Knotted Gown. GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo are our top choices in knits for new babies. They have super sensitive skin and it is wise not to fit them in an outfit just because it's cute.  Always wash everything before wear.

    The nice thing about these bamboo gowns is that they help regulate your baby's body temperature. There are also fold over sleeves for their tiny hands to prevent them from scratching themselves and the knotted bottom makes for easy diaper changes while letting their legs relax in a natural way.

    The easiest way to put this on is to unbutton the top and put feet first through the neck and pull the garment up over the body. These gowns are amazing and a staple in our store!

  3. Water-Proof Changing liners definitely rank in our top ten. If you already think you do a lot of laundry, just you wait! There are going to be some liquid-y messes in the early stages and the less you have to wash your changing pad cover the better. These are so much easier to swap out after changing time. Also, we love Burt's Bees organic cotton changing pad covers (and washcloths)!

  4. Halo Sleep Sack (Organic Cotton) - This is our top pick for sleep sack. Every baby is different, but after trying several this just seems like the best. This set is nice because it comes with a wearable blanket once your baby is a little bigger ready to move around a bit more. When your baby is tiny, this just provides so much more ease and comfort for you both. Getting a blanket to swaddle just right is no feat for a tired mama. That's why there's Halo!
  5. Baltic Amber necklaces might seem like they are too good to be true because they are! We have some great options in our own store, but feel free to browse around other shops.  Your baby won't be able to wear these until they are sitting up and supporting themselves, but once they are you will be ready for them to wear this new favorite accessory. Not only are they pretty cute, but they really help in the teething process by reducing inflammation and the drool that comes with it. As you can tell, we are all about doing less laundry!